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What would take me three weeks, Persana did in 3 mins.

"I took weeks to figure out ICPs. I dedicated 2-3 weeks to find orgs that are a fit and populate sheet with leads from those orgs, do research on each org and create and send personalized emails. With Persana I was able to generate emails for an ICP in a matter of minutes using my tone and voice... 
DPHead of Sales of an Ecommerce Analytics Platform

Anyone who isn't using tech like Persana's is going to fall behind

My favorite part about how advanced automated email and messaging is becoming is the fact that we're not only automating the writing part, but the reading too! But I digress. Anyone who isn't using tech like Persana's is going to fall behind very quickly indeed. 5/5.
MaxCEO of an Infrastructure company

Response rate was 2X normal

Referred you to a few friends that will be trying it out :) We just finished the campaign with the initial 1,600 leads and the results were very conclusive! Response rate was 2X normal.
AliCEO of a Creator platform


Transform your funnel into a revenue magnet

Boost your qualified leads by an impressive +95%

Focus merely 5% of your efforts on non-prioritized accounts

Experience an uplifting 85% rise in sales-accepted leads

Reclaim over 3 weeks per month by eliminating manual scoring tweaks

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A paradigm shift in lead qualification!
2X more conversions

What would take me three weeks, Persana did in 3 mins.
Deb P.Quest Labs
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