Rated #1 AI Prospecting Platform of 2024

Outbound that actually converts.

Find qualified leads, personalize outbound at scale - all in seconds, and book more meetings.

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Trusted and loved by teams, and businesses of all sizes

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Revenue Boost
Response rates with personalization
More qualified leads
saved per week

30+ data enrichments included with Persana

Create a list of qualified leads.

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    Build Robust Lead ListsQuickly build a high quality lead list from data sources including LinkedIn, Apollo, Salesforce, ContactOut, GitHub, and more
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    Dynamic Data EnrichmentLeverage 30+ enrichments to deepen your lead insights. Discover verified emails, tech stacks, recent news, competitor analysis, and more.
  • Best Email Find Rate Our AI-driven waterfall enrichment ensures you get the most accurate and verified email addresses at a significantly lower cost compared to other providers.
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    Scalable AI HyperpersonalizationOur AI crafts personalized emails that resonate. Experience a surge in reply rates and booked meetings!
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Fully integrated in your stack 🤝

Seamless data consolidation + our powerful AI to uncover high intent leads.

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“Persana AI is honestly been a game-changer. It’s super easy to get started with, and it has made our outreach efforts way more targeted and efficient. It’s like having an extra team member who’s really good at the details.
We’re reaching more people, more effectively, and it’s all thanks to Persana..”
I. BadreddineCo-founder and CEO, Alpaca Leads

Always stay ahead of your competition

Right lead, right time.

Stay ahead of the curve and capture your buyer at the right time.

  • Real-Time Funding and Career UpdatesStay informed about your customers' job changes and track important promotions within your target accounts.
  • Automate and Personalize at ScaleUse our AI to craft and dispatch hyper-personalized messages that resonate deeply with your leads
  • Trigger Alerts & Lead MonitoringStay ahead of your competition with trigger alerts such as job changes, companies who recently raised funding, are hiring and so much more.
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They really love us :)

See how we've helped our customers save time and grow their revenue

What would take me three weeks, Persana did in 3 mins.

"I took weeks to figure out ICPs. I dedicated 2-3 weeks to find orgs that are a fit and populate sheet with leads from those orgs, do research on each org and create and send personalized emails. With Persana I was able to generate emails for an ICP in a matter of minutes using my tone and voice... 
Deb P.Head of Sales

Anyone who isn't using tech like Persana's is going to fall behind.

My favorite part about how advanced automated email and messaging is becoming is the fact that we're not only automating the writing part, but the reading too! But I digress. Anyone who isn't using tech like Persana's is going to fall behind very quickly indeed. 5/5.

Response rate was 2X normal!

Referred you to a few friends that will be trying it out :) We just finished the campaign with the initial 1,600 leads and the results were very conclusive! Response rate was 2X normal.
AliMarketing Lead


Transform your outbound into a revenue magnet

Boost your qualified leads by an impressive +95%

Focus merely 5% of your efforts on non-prioritized accounts

Experience an uplifting 85% rise in sales-accepted leads

Reclaim over 3 weeks per month by eliminating manual scoring tweaks

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A paradigm shift in lead qualification!
2X more conversions

What would take me three weeks, Persana did in 3 mins.
Deb P.Quest Labs
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50+ Templates and more coming soon 🚀

An AI-first workflow for your team.

Our AI Automations make it easy to prospect at scale. Spend less time doing manual research and more time selling.

Sales triggers

Maximize ROI with Persana by targeting potential buyers impacted by job changes, hiring companies, or funding data.

Lead Scoring

Focus your team on high-quality leads using Persana's advanced AI to identify optimal conversion potential based on fit attributes and behaviors.

Companies that are hiring

Track and target hiring companies and individuals for specific roles, sending personalized outbound messages that convert.

Find Decision Makers automatically

Find decision makers at target companies to ensure that you are effectively reaching individuals who are likely to make purchases.

Enriching contacts with precise AI

Effectively communicate with customers by having accurate information, empowering their performance.

Track product champions

Identify loyal advocates who can drive referrals, boost brand credibility, and accelerate the sales process.

Find leads who use a similar technology

Focus on companies utilizing similar technology to the ones you are selling to.

Find companies with open roles

To increase your chances of making a sale, target companies that are actively hiring, as they are more likely to make a purchase if your sales efforts align with their needs.

Find companies recently funded

Companies that have received recent funding are more inclined to actively seek out solutions. Seize this opportunity by approaching them at the opportune moment, thereby positioning yourself as the first to make a sale with Persana AI's alerts.

Don't miss out on untapped revenue

Learn more about how Persana AI can help your company leverage revenue signals and optimize actions to maximize sales.

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