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How to research companies at scale with AI (Scrape Website + Use AI Enrichment) | Persana AI




Today, we’ll learn how to research companies at scale with AI  (Scrape Website + Use AI Enrichment) via Persana Ai.

When you have a long list of prospects and need to understand different aspects of their business by visiting each of their websites, it can be a time-consuming process. Persana helps you conduct your company research at scale by using our website enrichment and AI capabilities. 

Follow our step-by-step process to automate your research process via Persan AI. 

How to Conduct Company Research at Scale with Persana AI:

Select 'Website Enrichment'
1. Access your list from the dashboard
2. Click on Enrich Data
3. Scrape website by clicking on the option and connect the website URL 
4. Click Save and Run and wait a few minutes for the data to be processed

 Using AI for Company Research
1. Once the website data has been scraped, use Persana AI to answer any question you may have
2. Write a prompt such as "summarize what this company does in under 50 words using the following information"
3. Link the recently scraped data by selecting the relevant column
4. Click Save and Run and wait a few seconds for the data to process

Viewing Company Research Results 
1. View your company research being done in real-time and at scale using Persana AI
2. Save and export your results

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