New: Persana 2.0 Release

New: Persana 2.0 Release

New: Persana 2.0 Release

New: Persana 2.0 Release

How to Automate Video Prospecting to 100s of Leads

Jun 25, 2024

Outbound is getting more targeted every year. This is how:

2018 - Spray and Pray approach

2022 - Email personalization based on Linkedin data

2024 - Email personalization using targeted video messages

Even though email personalization using different data points works well, it still lacks a key factor: Trust.

And in outbound, trust is the supreme factor that decides if your email is worth responding.

You cannot build simply by sending a bunch of words on a screen. Nobody trusts that.

So what’s the next best thing?


But what if we can take it a step further?


In an ideal world, we would have all the time to create, record and send a hyper-personalized video to our prospects.

But we need more than 10 minutes researching a single prospect, recording a minute-long video and sending it to them.

But thankfully, we have AI that lets us record one video which we can use to personalize videos for 100s and 1000s of other prospects.

Let me show how you can send personalized videos in your cold outbound campaigns at scale to 1000s of prospects without spending hours doing it manually.

Step 1: Build a Lead List

It doesn't really matter what database or source you use to build your lead list as long as it fits your ICP.

But since we’re here to save time, there's a faster and easier way to build lead lists.

  1. Hop over to Persana AI and create a FREE account.

  2. Click on the ‘Find Company’ feature

  1. Select the filters that best define your ICP

  1. Click on ‘Import leads’ and choose the number of companies you want to import

All these four steps will hardly take 10 minutes if you know your ICP like the back of your hand

Step 2: Enrich the Lead List

Since we’re doing outbound marketing in 2024, we can not rely on the old 2018 spray and pray approach.

We’re going to do it how the Pros do it - enrich the companies and get more info about them.

Quick tip: When you import companies on Persana using ‘Find Company’ feature, you already get these datapoints about the company for FREE without spending any credits:

  • Company Name

  • Company Linkedin URL

  • Total staff

  • No. of Linkedin followers

  • Company description

But we want to take our campaign and personalization to the next level.

We want to find these data points about the companies now:

  • Company website URL

  • Company's annual revenue

Let's say for this particular campaign you are targeting company that have the keyword ‘AI’ anywhere on their website.

So you can add this to the list of data points you want about the company.

Let me show you how you can enrich and get these data points about the companies using Persana’s new AI Agent 3.0:

  • Add a column

  • Use enrichment feature

  • Search for ‘Persana AI Agent 3.0’

  • Copy and paste this prompt into the text box:

To find the company’s annual revenue:

Do a quick Google search of the company using {{Company Name}} and give me what is the company annual revenue in USD ($) If you want, you can also use {{Company Linkedin URL}} to determine company revenue. Return the answer in only number and nothing else (example: $3M ARR)

To find if a company has the keyword ‘AI’ on their website:

Head over to the company website at {{Company Website}} and check for the keyword 'AI' mentioned anywhere on the website. the keyword can be anywhere - header, footer, navigation tab, body copy, headline, etc If it does have mention of the keyword 'AI' on the company website, return the value as 'YES'. If not, return the value as 'NO'. Don't write any explanation

Run the enrichment for as many rows as you want.

PRO TIP: Run the enrichment for 10 rows first. Check if the results are accurate and the way you want them to be. If not, tweak the prompt and run it again. Repeat till you get the desired result.

Step 3: Find Decision Makers and their Work Email Address

Now that we have qualified the companies we want, let’s find the main decision-makers at the company and get their work email addresses.

You can use ‘Find People at Company’ enrichment feature on Persana to make it easy for you.

Just include the job titles you want to target and what data points you want about the decision-maker. Here are 3 data points I like to get:

  • Name

  • Linkedin URL

  • Job Title

After this, we want to use the ‘Enrich Full Person Profile’ and get some info about the person - Full name, a summary of his/her LinkedIn and relevant info.

This is super important for personalizing your message and making it relevant to the prospect.

After this step, we want to find the valid work email address of the decision maker.

Again, Persana already has ‘Find work email address’ enrichment that you can use to quickly get the prospect's email address using their Linkedin URL or the Company where they work.

But our work is not yet done. The main enrichment is yet to come…

Step 4: Use Sendspark integration

After creating a new Sendspark integration, you can add your API key to Persana and setup a video campaign directly from Persana.

Bonus Tip: Use Smartlead integration

Instead of manually adding all the info in csv file format into Smartlead, we can directly connect our Smartlead API key and export the csv directly into Smartlead.

Again, our main aim is to do this fast and at scale!


Using personalized videos in your outbound prospecting efforts will improve your results and get good more interested replies from prospects.

I would highly recommend you to create a free account on Persana and try out this workflow.

You'll get 200 credits when you sign up for a free account on Persana.